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JS Medical Group tailors a search to the specific needs of our clients - qualifying the characteristics of each position to be filled. Clear communication with decision makers help us gain a full understanding of your Practice Opportunity, the Organization and the attributes of

Of your Practice Opportunity, the Organization and Medical Facility and the Attributes of your community. JSMG recruiters offer partnership to clients who wish to attract the finest candidates. We invite you to view the steps below for recognized elements in a successful search.

1. Needs Analysis...
Our professional team will work with you to develop a Brief Descriptive Analysis of your Opportunity that will lead to attracting the very best candidate.
~Knowledge of the marketplace, physician supply and demand, salary surveys and polls positions us to monitor employment and recruitment trends.

2. Client requirements...
Developing a thorough Practice Opportunity Bulletin is vital to a successful search.
~Creating a practice description that is complete and detailed is important. In order to find the perfect candidate, a precise account of the position and its requirements must be available.

3. Research...
Our detailed analysis of your Facility, Organization, Competitors and Marketplace will allow JSMG to develop a winning game plan.
~Our network of relationships built over our years in business enables us to discreetly target exceptional candidates.

4. Identification...
Based on your needs and our research, JSMG will identify the best and most viable candidates for your opportunity.
~Clinical ability is only one facet of a great candidate. We identify and evaluate candidates extensively, exploring the other aspects of physicians in great detail. Our candidate references are detailed and extensive and provide you with a lot of important information.

5. Evaluation...
Our detailed interviewing process allows JS Medical Group to evaluate the candidates in the marketplace and match those individuals to your needs.
~We realize that the candidate "fit" is not just on paper, simply matching training and education to a resume or CV. We make assessments about the professional fit between organization and candidate as well as long-term compatibility. JS Medical Group looks to provide long-term fits/matches that can contribute to your company not only now, but in the future.

6. Presentation...
Upon completion of our identification, sourcing and evaluation process, we provide a detailed summary of the most qualified candidates for your review. This attention to detail provides an efficient, timely and highly successful match.
~Only qualified, viable candidates are presented to the client. We review client requirements and pertinent information with candidates, making sure the candidate understands the client organization, its needs, goals and opportunity therein. JS Medical Group works closely with client and candidate to make sure there is a "fit" on many different levels.

7. Reference checks...
This process is extensive and comprehensive. Very detailed, JSMG etailed, has a commitment to reference follow-through that assures candidates are truly viable and well trained and have no ìsuprisesî in their background or employment history.
~Through our preparation, follow up, and attention to detail, the search process is well managed and positioned for success. The process through which we check references is rigorous and assures that the individuals that you hire are of the finest quality.

8. Negotiations...
Our team participates in the salary, compensation and contract negotiations as necessary and requested by our clients, communicates with both clients and candidates in a tactful and professional manner, we do not ìget in the wayî or ìcomplicateî matters in any way and try to come to a mutually acceptable meeting of the minds over the contract, salary and benefits. Our professional demeanor, tact and savvy at this point delivers an above industry average placement rates and acceptances.
~By the time the decision is made to make an offer, our methodology assures an acceptance rate well above the industry average.

9. Follow-Up...
After an acceptance, our job is still not done. We assist the candidate through the resignation process, assist with paperwork and credentialing to the start date and post-start evaluation and feedback.
~Once an offer is accepted, JS Medical Group supports the candidates transition to the client employer.
Please take a few minutes to submit your practice opportunity online to get in touch with JS Medical Group and receive more information about our services.

Send questions or comments to information@jsmg.com. Copyright © 2000 J.S. Medical Group. All rights reserved.