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"The task of finding the most appropriate recruitment firm to assist in your search is daunting. It is a process of careful selection and attention to detail."

Your mission is to attract, hire, and retain top talent. This critical function determines the long-term success of your organization. Choosing the right search firm is of equal importance as you need one which makes the entire recruitment process more effective, efficient, manageable and rewarding. Ask these very important questions when looking for a recruiter:

These questions must be answered with a resounding yes in order to truly procure the search firm that is capable of handling your needs.

The task of finding the most appropriate recruitment firm to assist in your search is daunting. It is a process of careful selection and attention to detail. Choosing the right firm can be a gratifying experience; choosing the wrong search firm will leave you disillusioned and frustrated, costing more time, money and mistakes than one can afford. You need a search firm who will take the recruiting process and make it fast, easy and efficient.

Do Some Research

When your mission is finding a search firm, the first step is research. The easiest place to do this is online. Use search engines to find "Physician search firms," or "Physician Recruiters" and look through your query's results. First impressions are important. Is the firms website attractive, up-to-date, etc.. Does it have significant content and useful information? From here, start looking for information about the firm. Take notes on details such as client lists, firm size, industries and functional areas in which they specialize, and geographic areas in which they operate. After taking note of these items, ask yourself:

Does this search firm specialize in the area and have functional expertise in the discipline in which I am looking to hire? As an employer, do their recruiters focus on my needs? Do they claim to attend to my questions and other needs promptly and in an efficient matter? Will they make concentrated attempts to understand the needs of my organization? And, will candidates they present be highly qualified and interested in the open position?

While browsing the search firms website, be ready to ask questions through their contact form or contact e-mail address. Make yourself available to speak with them by telephone immediately. Fill our their contact form. Investigate their recruiters by posing questions regarding their expertise and experience.

Experience, Reputation and Size

Finding the a good balance of experience and size is critical in your search for a recruiting firm. There are large, national firms whose senior recruiters closely manage high-level searches, but delegate others to junior staff. Ask the recruiter if he or she will be working with you throughout the entire recruitment process. Also, many of these large firms have restrictions that disallow them recruiting from several organizations. This limits your access to the best candidates.

Looking at the opposite extreme in regard to size, small firms do not often have access to the networks and resources that larger firms possess, thus limiting their ability to present the most qualified candidates. Many are new search firms that are inexperienced and do not yet have effective networking and researching systems in place. Thus many turn simply to e-recruiting, taking a clients job orders and trying to fill them through searching online job boards. You're most qualified candidates cannot be found through this methodology because most top-performers do not post their resume online leaving you with candidates who are actively looking for a job. When looking for quality talent, this route is one to avoid.

JS Medical Group is a nice balance of size and experience, a firm with over 14 years in the Physician search and staffing industry. Maintaining a focus on personal attention to clients needs, JSMG possesses the strength of a national presence, years of networking in specific industries and functional areas, and the resources to ensure that no stone is unturned in your search.

The Recruiter - Understanding Your Business

Familiarize yourself with the recruiter who could potentially work on your company's search. The search firm may have an outstanding reputation, however, your recruiters ability is the key to whether or not the search is a success. Do some digging and find out how well the associate knows your industry and the players within it.

• Question if he or she has done searches for the functional position that you're looking to fill and inquire as to a success rate.

• Determine the recruiters' role in the process. Will the associate with whom you initially worked handle the candidate search or will the assignment be passed on to a lower level associate(s)?

• Make sure the recruiter takes very seriously the task of understanding your business and corporate culture. To find the best candidate, attention to these details is essential.

• Ensure confidentiality is of paramount importance to the recruiter and that it will be stringently adhered to throughout the process.

• Discuss candidate guarantees. Some search firms give employers a period of 60 , 90 or 120 days in which the hired candidate is guaranteed. If the latter is terminated or leaves the company within the stated period, the search firms should replace the candidate at no additional cost or expense to you.

• Inquire as to a timeline for the entirety of the search process. Have the recruiter lay out the steps in completing the search and then have a discussion regarding the frequency and type of communication that all involved parties will undertake throughout the process.

The Search Process

This is where your knowledge of the timeline, lines of communication, and steps in the search process are useful. A great deal of collaboration is required with your recruiter and a full understanding of the entire process gives you the ability to work with him or her more effectively.

To stay informed throughout the search, determine how progress is reported and the manner in which you can provide feedback. Ask how you will be prepped for candidate interviews and how they will take place. Will you be sent candidates as they are found throughout the length of the search, or in groupings?

A good search firm will conform to the level of communication with which you are comfortable. Whether you want a great deal of involvement in the search process or not, accommodating your needs should be priority number one. Avoid search firms where client satisfaction is not taken seriously.

Client Satisfaction

At JS Medical Group, we want our customers to be enthusiastic, have fun and enjoy working with us. We hope that you will be satisfied with your experience and like us. We pledge to provide you with the finest personal service, and hope that you will be extremely satisfied with every aspect of the relationship and our results. We are committed to focusing on your needs, truly understanding your organization, and providing your organization with the finest talent available. We are confident and sincere in our promise to you. Striving to enhance the performance of your organization through recruitment solutions that set JS Medical Group apart as the standard in Physician Search and Staffing.

Please take a few minutes to submit your practice opportunity online to get in touch with JS Medical Group and receive more information about our services.