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You must adhere to the following guidelines when Posting Positions, Practice Opportunities or Physician Profiles on JSMG. Postings that do not comply will be deleted.

Enter as much information as possible. Responses from Potential Employers, Hiring Manages and other Key Decision Makers regarding the Practice Opportunity(s) that you are interested in are directly related to how Comprehensive your make your candidate profile.

1. Each posting must represent an Actual Job, Position, Practice Opportunity or Candidate. General postings are not acceptable. In other words, when a Physician Posts his/her CV using this form, please do not choose all states under 'licenses'. Additionally, please do not include a Vague, Generic Position Posting for all specialties. Try to be as Specific as possible. If you are a Facility, Organization or Employer that has multiple needs, simply register once and state that you have needs in the following specialties or have multiple needs in the same specialty, providing as much information as you can. If you have additional written information that you can email us, cut and paste in this form, please feel free to do so. The more comprehensive and detailed information that we have, the more effective we will be in helping you . We monitor and audit our postings 24/7 and delete all those that do not comply or are inappropriate. If we need more information or require further details, an email will be sent to the appropriate party(s) requesting same. Your immediate and prompt response is appreciated.

2. Postings must be truthful. One example: If you are not a Job Seeker or an Employer seeking Physicians and post a Position or Physician profile, your information will be deleted, your IP address noted and you will be blocked from visiting this site.

3. JSMG discourages and frowns upon postings by Employers, Facilities, Organizations and Physician Candidates that have little or no information and useful details. . We ask for very basic information formatted on drop down menus such as geographic preferences, states licensed in, location type,, type of practice, etc... If you do not provide us with this very basic information you are not doing a good job representing† your Opportunity or Yourself. Physician Recruitment and Placement is a Labor Intensive, Detail Oriented business and your cooperation is appreciated. The more information and details that you can provide, the better. If you don’t know these details or do not have them readily available, please make a note of it, inform us accordingly and we will be happy to assist you.

4. Physician Candidates. Feel free to email us and/or copy and paste your CV into the text box. Make note of the Paste a Text copy of your CV section above to make sure it is easily read and recognizable by JSMG and other hiring managers.

5. Don't use all upper case or lower case lettering for your postings. Use common sense and make them easily presentable.

6. No profanity of any type is allowed and will result in immediate deletion of your information.

7. If you have any Questions, need any additional help, information and/or clarification, please feel free to contact us by email,phone or FAX. We are very happy to provide you with detailed, personalized service.

Please check back periodically as we may update these guidelines to further assist you.

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