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Body Language in Interview

Body Language in Interview

How we sit, stand and move says a lot about who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Your body language can reinforce or detract from what you say in the interview. It is important to convey a strong, confident and open body language.

Tips on positive body language:

1. Role-play your questions in front of a mirror or video camera, or ask a friend to critique your posture and gestures. Be sure they tell you what you are doing right, as well as what you could improve upon.

2. Shake hands with the primary interviewer when entering and leaving the interview.

3. Smile. Be sure to convey interest and enthusiasm with your facial expressions.

4. Use good eye contact.

5. Use gestures if appropriate.

6. Try not to freeze into one position. Breathe.

7. Try to eliminate nervous gestures such as toe tapping, hair pulling, scratching, fidgeting with props, etc.

8. Be comfortable but not too "laid back" in your posture.

The Interviewers' Body Language:

Pay attention to the interviewers' body language. Are they paying attention to you? Are they turned toward you, leaning forward, nodding and smiling? If so, great! You are on the right track with your response to their question.

Are they turned away from you, not making eye contact? Shuffling papers? Do they have a posture that is slumped away from you? Are their arms crossed in front of them? If so, it is time to re-group. Your response to their questions may be off track. Ask them to re-phrase the question, are they interested in a particular aspect of your response? Was all going well before?

Think in advance how you want to respond if their body language shows that you are on the wrong track, or have lost their interest.

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