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10 Tips for Physicians Contemplating a Change

JSM offers ten tips to those who are being downsized, are contemplating a change, feel stuck or trapped in their current position or are looking for their first position yet have no idea where to start.

1. Maintain perspective. If you're healthy and if you have the support of your family, then you have a lot to build on. There are some things you can never get back. A job is not one of them.

2. Focus on your new job. Think you don't have a job? Wrong. You are now employed as a job seeker. You have to put the same hours and energy into seeking a job that you did working a job.

3. Assess what you can do. You have a variety of skills, you just haven't been paid for all of them yet. Consider all the things you can do and how your skills might transfer to various areas of employment.

4. Polish your CV. It's surprising, how few people have CV's that effectively reflect their accomplishments and skills. Get your resume up to speed and have it read and critiqued by family members and colleagues.

5. Be knowledgeable. Study and know what is happening in your industry. What other organizations do what your former employer does? How many are in your area? Which ones are up and coming? Trade journals, newspapers and employment guides can keep you current.

6. Be proactive. It's been awhile since physician candidates truly had to beat the bushes to find work. While Internet job sites and newspaper wants ads are important sources of job leads, you may have to do more than respond to such ads. Find resources that can help you . Send your CV out and get the word that you are looking.

7. Do your research. Most organizations have web sites, brochures or annual reports that describe what the companies do, their philosophies and their culture. The more you know about the companies you are applying to the more you will stand out.

8. Be methodical. Set goals for your daily job search. Resolve that you will send out X number of CV's/week, make time available for telephone and recruitment calls, develop a game plan and strategy, clearly define your parameters and what you are and are not interested in, call recruiters and employers, then stick to those goals.

9. Look the part. Being downsized or simply accepting the fact that you are going to be looking for a new position can be a blow to your confidence, stressful and anxiety provoking. But looking your best is a confidence builder. While money may be tight, don't scrimp on the clothes you need to make a good impression.

10. Recharge. Do those things that make your feel strong, satisfied, and happy. Train for a race, teach your child chess, or volunteer for a cause. Your time is precious whether your are being paid for it or not.

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