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Below are two case studies of Physicians placed by JSMG.

Case 1

The Situation
Physician A is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist married to a Cardiologist. Both are currently in training and looking for positions. One of the Physicians is interested in positions in the DC metro area while the other is interested in Atlanta. Both have very busy and demanding training programs and interview time and time off are at a premium. They want to make a good decision and both need to secure excellent opportunities to avoid a costly mistake.

The Challenge:
Both Husband and wife being Physicians looking for positions is a very challenging situation for JSMG. Both are in big demand specialties and both want metro areas. Both are in outstanding University Fellowship Programs and have excellent references.

The Solution:
A JSMG met both candidates at their Hospital and interviewed them in depth over dinner. Their goals and aspirations were discussed in detail, a clear understanding of their parameters was hammered out and a strategy was formulated. It was decided that the more difficult of the two to place would be the Cardiologist due to his interested in relocating to the DC metro area, a large market, competitive and having many fellowship programs producing well trained Cardiologists eager to remain in the DC metro area.

JSMG was able to identify 4 excellent opportunities apiece for both the Cardiologist and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in both the DC metro area and Atlanta. The Physicians interviewed at all of them over a 3 month period and formulated their differential.
The Results:
Each Opportunity was different but totally acceptable as a viable practice option. The couple selected Atlanta as both were offered excellent positions at two different hospitals and felt that the housing market was better and more affordable. They were able to keep their original plan of living in a metro area with a Major International Airport they could count on and all the attractions that a large City such as Atlanta would offer.

Case 2

The Situation
Physician B is an Orthopedic Surgeon located in Omaha, Nebraska. He was recruited to this Facility by a Search Firm and an eager, enthusiastic In-House Physician Recruiter and Hospital Administration. After little more than six (6) months in Practice, the Physician has decided that the Opportunity was misrepresented by both the Hospital and Surgical Group and has decided to leave. This Physician is married with 2 young children so good school and place that his wife would like are an issue.Case 2

The Challenge:
It is always a difficult and stress filled situation when an unhappy Physician is located due to misrepresentation. In these cases, the Physician is angry, irritable and overly cautious about looking for a Position and having the same thing happen again. Overzealous In-House staff are all too eager and sometimes under severe pressure to recruit doctors due to demands for patient care, coverage and call responsibilities. Ending up in a dead-end situation like this is a costly mistake for out Physician candidate both Professionally and Personally. Their marriage is not in jeopardy but both have decided it is time to leave and start new somewhere else.

The Solution:
JS Medical Group met this Physician and his wife within one week of receiving his interview. JSMG heard at length how difficult the other Physicians in the group were to work with, inadequate call and staffing coverage, problems with billing and the office as well as other matters about the Practice, Hospital Administration and Physical facilities were carefully concealed from him during the recruitment process. The Hospital made all kinds of promises and elaborate plans about how well he would do, all of which never materialized. A royal sales job by Hospital Administration, the Group, Physician Recruiters and Support Staff left this Physician and his family disappointed and disillusioned. It is time to get out.

A new Physician search strategy was developed for the Physician and his wife. The now savvy Physician made a list of Questions that he would ask when he spoke to potential practices opportunities by telephone and had a new strategy for the On-site Interview with the help of JSMG. All were committed to the fact that this would not happen again.

Practice Parameters and Preferences were established between the Physician and JSMG and the search for a new Practice began immediately. Within two (2) weeks, the Physician spoke with 13 Practices and elected to go on 4 Interviews. He received offers from all the places he interviewed. Both he and his wife were very excited and pleased with what they saw and learned.

However, in an effort not to make the same mistake twice, JSMG and the Physician compared notes and strategies about what they knew about the Practices. Both spoke again via telephone with some of the Physicians and administration to verify and confirm these facts and impressions and all checked out positive. All were experiencing positive growth, facilities and physical plant were in order and state of the art and their were no staffing problems, turnover or moral problems. No red flags about any of the Practices turned up after extensive research by both the Physician and JSMG.

JSMG did not speak with the Physician for over two week, as he and his family had an important decision to make. After about two weeks, the Physician called JSMG and informed them that he had decided to go to the Dallas, Texas Group. It provided an excellent career opportunity, had outstanding growth potential, they found several wonderful homes to purchase and liked the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

After 120 days from meeting JSMG, the Physician had found a new position, signed the contract and had give notice that he was leaving. He would be staring his new practice within 45 days.

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