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Selecting A Physician Practice Opportunity

  The Rural Recruiter's Guide to Success
  List of Frequently Asked Questions For Physicians
  The Advantages of a Rural or Small Town Practice Opportunity
  Physician Employment Contracts
  Why Do Physicians Change Jobs? The Top 10 Reasons
  Should You Use a Recruiter?
  Have a Lawyer Review Your Paperwork for Piece of Mind
  When the Physician Recruitment Firm Calls - Making the most of your Encounter
with Physician Recruiters
  Working with Physician Recruiters
  Best Strategies for Securing and Nailing that First Practice Interview
  Interviewing Skills for Job-Seeking Physicians: Tips for Conducting Yourself Before, During and After the Interview
  Key Questions to Ask About Compensation
  Practical Interviewing Tips for Physicians
  Negotiating the Income, Compensation and Benefits Package
  Women Physicians: Opportunity and Obstacles
  Top 10 Tips for Physician Candidates When Working with a Physician Search Firm
  Physician Wellness
  Physician Recruiters: What are they all about and What do they do?
  PHYSICIANS ASK: If I Go Through a Physician Recrutier, Will the Offer I Get be Less ?
  Reference Checking by a Physician Recruiter-What Do they Ask?
  Interview Expenses
  Moving Expenses
  Perks and Benefits-They can Make or Break an offer
  Immigration Knowledge Essential to recruiting IMG’s
  Coping with U.S. Immigration Laws
  Washington Attempts to Boost Number of Rural Doctors
  Immigrating Physicians through the “Conrad 20” Program
  Residents and Fellows-Avoid a Panic Attack
  Making Yourself More Marketable
  Is Your CV presenting and representing you in the best possible light?
  Physicians-Do not Broadcast Your CV
  Board Certification Pays Off
  The Lowdown on the Types of Medical Practices
  Physicians Now Need Well Honed Job Hunting Skills
  The Telephone Interview
  Do’s and Don’t During the On-site Interview
  The different types of Compensation Packages
  Get an Offer! Know where you Stand!
  Submitting Your Resignation and Resigning Gracefully
  The Counter Offer
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