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9 Steps Towards Su ccessful Physician Recruitment

  The Rural Recruiter's Guide to Success
  The Advantages of a Rural or Small Town Practice Opportunity
  Why Do Physicians Change Jobs? The Top 10 Reasons
  Recruiting Generation X Physicians
  Doctor Dearth-Physicians are Leaving Practice and Retiring Earlier, Alarming Hospitals and Practices
  Recruiting Techno-Savvy Physicians
  Designing Physician Sabbaticals
  The Cost of an Unfilled Position
  Physician Employment Contracts
  Candidates Who Can't Be Ignored
  Conducting Successful Site Visits with Physician Candidates
  Locum Tenens: A Staffing Solution When Physician Supply Does Not Meet Demand
  Physician Recruitment: Defining Your Objectives from a Marketing Perspective
  The Coming Shortage of Physicians in the United States
  Women Physicians: Opportunity and Obstacles
  Making the Interview Pay Off ­Important Steps Not to Overlook
  NAPR Recruiter Survey
  Advertise vs Using a Physician Recruiter? Which is more effective for an organization seeking to add a Physician?
  Using a Recruitment Firm: Is it worth the Fee?
  Physician Recruiters: What are they all about and What do they do?
  Reference Checking by a Physician Recruiter-What Do they Ask?
  Immigration Knowledge Essential to recruiting IMG’s
  Coping with U.S. Immigration Laws
  Washington Attempts to Boost Number of Rural Doctors
  Immigrating Physicians through the “Conrad 20” Program
  Do’s and Don’t During the On-site Interview
  Opened Ended Questions to Ask Physician Candidates
  On Site Meetings with Candidates-Plan Ahead…Set an Agenda
  The different types of Compensation Packages
  How to “Close” a Physician
  Letter of Intent
  Sample Physician Employment Agreement
  Bonus Production Addendum
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