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Why Use Physician Recruiters?

How to Select a Recruiting Firm
How Does a Firm Perform a Search?
Does Physician Search Work?
Retainer or Contingency
How Firms Charge for Assignments
How to Work with a Physician Recruiter
Advice on Interviewing
How To Be A Good Client

How to Work with a Physician Recruiter

Successful physician recruitment and placement is a team effort: client and search firm complement each other's knowledge and strengths to locate and hire the candidate. Egos from both the Client and Physician Recruiter should be left at the door. The Client should be willing and able to help the recruiter and the recruiter should help and assist the Client at all times and not "get in the way". It is advantageous for a client to do some "homework" both independently and together with the search firm before the search process formally begins.

Define who is responsible in your organization. Assemble a client team to work in partnership with the search firm. Designate a "team leader."

Clarify the responsibilities of the search consultant, including what the role of the research department will be. Who is the "head search consultant" on your project? Will researchers interview candidates?

Develop clear job specifications and qualifications with your client team - and with the search firm team. Formulate a Brief Descriptive Analysis to mail and distribute to interested candidates. Agree on a job description and compensation range.

Agree on a general schedule and timetable for the search to be completed. Set reasonable deadliens and performance standards. Discuss and document an expected time line.

Ascertain off limits and blockages; specify the search firm's obligations and limitations.

Outline an expectation of involvement in negotiations. If the assignment is international what exactly is the role of the search firm?

Review the details of the search firm's method of charging for services and expenses.

Discuss some "what happens if…" scenarios - don't make assumptions regarding unexpected results.

To ensure success, a clear understanding of the search process and responsibilities must be discussed and understood by both the client and search consultants. Do that work before the search is underway.