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Why Use Physician Recruiters?

How to Select a Recruiting Firm
How Does a Firm Perform a Search?
Does Physician Search Work?
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How Firms Charge for Assignments
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Why Use Physician Recruiters?

Use the Experts, Get The Best

Good management is essential to the health and welfare of all companies; excellent management is the key to success in today's highly competitive business environment. The services of outside professionals are utilized by prudent companies for high-level legal, accounting and other special needs. Physician recruiters should be viewed in the same light: as skilled specialists who can identify the best executive to fill an important position on the management team.

Although physician recruiting, sourcing and search can be performed by in-house human resource departments and other in-house departments, employing the services of a physician search firm is ultimately more expedient, efficient and effective. Experienced, seasoned Physician recruiters provide strict confidentiality, an extensive network of contacts, objectivity in candidate evaluation, and negotiation experience and expertise.

Excellent Physician recruiters observe strict confidentiality.
Organizations with an opening in their ranks are vulnerable. Whether for an existing position to be filled, or a position newly created by downsizing or market opportunity, the hiring process must be strictly confidential. Confidentiality can keep competitors from being tipped off to management shake-ups, new product and market initiatives, and can protect against employee, stockholder, and supplier apprehension. Search consultants value the highly sensitive information they become privy to during the search process. They are acutely aware and respectful of their client's vulnerability.

Physician recruiters can tap into a global network of contacts.
Top notch physician talent is a scarce commodity today. The limited contacts of in-house human resource departments can't compare with the wide net cast by a recruiter's network. (A transnational search especially calls for the capabilities of transnational search firms.) The best candidates are already employed; many will deal only with a recruiter. They appreciate the worth of third party representation, confidentiality and professional mediation. Recruiting superior candidates is intricate and best performed by a discreet professional.

Physician recruiters bring objectivity and feedback to management.
Physician recruitment and placement is a labor intensive, time-consuming, sensitive process. Recruiters can help clients evaluate their expectations, review relevant organization structure and reporting, and define a realistic profile and compensation package for the open position. Search consultants provide objective feedback on the candidates and advice to the client. As experts in research and reference checking, search firms can glean significant information from even reluctant reference-givers.

Physician recruiters are cost effective.
The benefit of using a physician search firm can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an advertisement/recruitment campaign, screening and qualifying candidates, and operating without a needed employee for an extended length of time, compared to the relative insurance of getting the right person for the job. The use of physician recruiters is an investment in improving the quality of an organization's managerial might. But even beyond that, the risk to not use physician recruiters is too great. For smaller companies - in which one hiring mistake can have disastrous results - using physician recruiters is sometimes more important than for corporate giants. Hiring an incompetent employee who makes bad decisions can cost a company large sums of money - or its very existence. More than ever before, physician talent is at a premium and can make or break the fortunes of a business. Professional, experienced physician recruiters can deliver the best.