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Client Case Studies
Below are two case studies describing searches performed by JS Medical Group

Case 1

The Situation:
Client A is searching for a Medical Director of Psychiatric Services for 50 Bed Psychiatric Pavilion. This position was defined as executive level requiring about 40% Administrative Time and 60% Clinical/Direct Patient Care. Managed Care Penetration in this market is moderate, requiring some knowledge about reimbursement and capitation, however the current reputation of the Department is poor due to poor Physician leadership and lack of quality physicians in the department. Census for the Unit is 40% due to the current medical staffís unwillingness to do In-Patient Care. This physician will also be responsible for the development of several new Mental Health Programs within the Division of Behavioral Health, the recruitment of several new Physicians to the department and strengthening the reputation of the department within the medical center and improving the referral patterns and quality of care. Historically, a Management company ran the department very poorly and had developed few programs, recruited terrible staff and morale was low. The Hospital faced a decision to recruit a new Medical Director and develop and brand new program that they could be proud of from the ground up or close the Pavilion. The nearest Mental Health provider was 50 miles away, which would create definite problems for patients needing care and services in the community. Expectations were high to develop an outstanding Mental Health Program for the Medical Center and improve the reputation of the Department by recruiting new Staff. By making these changes, Client A would have a viable and profitable service, adding millions of dollars profit and prestige to the Medical Center.

The Challenge:
A Medical Director for Psychiatric Services is a high level, high profile position in any Hospital. The candidate must have impeccable credentials, be well trained, well liked and respected by the Medical Staff and have outstanding administrative, clinical leadership and communication skills. This individual will be challenged to rebuilt the reputation and clinical services of the department and improve moral. The facility is located in rural area of New Jersey, but within very easy access of Philadelphia and New York City and the New Jersey Coast. Administration has mixed feelings about the history of the department but supports its turnaround. New Jersey licensure is a Problem for out of state candidates, as it may take in excess 5 months to get a license if the candidate is from out of state and does not have a current New Jersey State license.

The Solution:
Identify Board Certified, New Jersey licensed Physicians that are interested in practicing in a rural area. Also look for Physician candidates that may be from New Jersey originally and/or have roots and ties to the area. Prior Administrative, Medical Director experience is a plus or someone looking to move up the ladder in responsibility, such as an Associate Medical Director wanting a Medical Directorship. Time line equaled 60 days.

The Results:
Identified 7 Board Certified Psychiatrists with current New Jersey State licenses; 4 were currently in New Jersey, 3 were out of state wishing to return for personal and family reasons. All had prior administrative and management experience and were comfortable with managed care reimbursement issues and experienced in developing first class programs and referral patterns. All seven candidates were matches for the job, although each from a different perspective. The Client, within a period of 30 days interviewed all 7 candidates and was impressed with all and had difficulty selecting the Chief. A vote was taken of the Search committee and they chose a Physician leaving the military with 5 years Medical Director Experience in a 25 Bed In-Patient Program.

4 Years later, the Medical Director is still there, he has recruited 7 New Physicians to the Unit, the Department now enjoys an excellent reputation in the community and with the rest of the Medical Staff, Cenus is at or near 95 % and 6 New Product Lines have been developed. The Department now has an Academic affiliation with a Philadelphia area Medical School and is a teaching site for residents and medical students. The service is now one of the most profitable in the history of the hospital.

Case 2

The Situation:
A 200 Bed Medical Surgical Hospital and 100 Member Physician Multispecialty group have experienced tremendous growth through demand and need for services and the introduction of new clinical services and expansion of the Medical Center. The client had been utilizing a number of inexperienced, cheap contingency recruiters that were unable to deliver well trained, high quality Physicians. Numerous hires were made but the Physicians did not stay due to personal and professional reasons, several backed out of their contracts before their start date (no-shows) and that left major gaps in clinical services, patient care and angry Physicians unable to make referrals. Patients from the area went to the other local area hospital. The Client was forced to fill these huge gaps in clinical services with locum tenens physicians, which were very expensive, ( on average four times (4x) the cost of a permanent placement fee) did not stay on board at the Hospital and provided no continuity of care. Millions of dollars in lost patient revenues were pilling up quickly. New projects and clinical services were backlogged or stalled due to insufficient physician manpower.

The Challenge:
The Client took the cheap way out, paid low fees, got inferior quality doctors and their programs were suffering. Their recruitment program was in shambles, disorganized and their procedures and methods for recruiting physicians were terrible. A complete overhaul of their Physician recruitment and retention program was in order. At least five (5) New Physicians had to be recruited within the next 90 days, with many more to follow.
The Solution:
JS Medical Group, with the direction of the CEO and Administrator of the Hospital, was to work with one of the Vice Presidents whose sole and exclusive function was Physician Recruitment. A whole new Physician recruitment program was implemented with improved mechanisms for sourcing, screening, interviewing, referencing and relocating the physicians to the practice. A compete overhaul of how the Physicians were to be recruited was immediately put into place. A comprehensive Medical Staffing and Development plan was put into place and clear, definitive goals and objectives were set that must be met. .

The Results:
The results followed. Within 60 days, five (5) Physicians were signed and successfully recruited. All were Board Certified, University Trained Physicians with exceptional credentials, clinical and interpersonal skills. Screening and Referencing were rigorous and thorough, but the physicians recruited were first class, were well versed and informed about the community and wanted to come. It was clear that excellent professional opportunities were staring them in the face and they accepted the positions. Within 120 days, five (5) more Physicians were signed and successfully recruited. Recruitment was put on hold for 4 months to allow these new Physicians to integrate into their practices and the community. New goals and objectives were set for several superspecialtists-all difficult yet critical searches for the medical staff and community.

The Hospital has now moved on to recruit several Subspecialists in Internal Medicine and Surgery as it continues to build its Medical Staff and has new criteria regarding what types of Physicians it will or will not hire.

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