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The challenge of Physician Recruitment is obvious - we are in the prototypical "people" business - where our product talks back and has a mind of its own. It is our keen ability to assist and influence in shaping an individual's career and to serve as their "career agent", which provides genuine job satisfaction. It is critically important to make a good fit so that all parties are satisfied. It is this challenge that attracts the high caliber professionals who join JS Medical Group (jsmg) as a first or next step in their career, as we offer one of the most comprehensive, demanding and rewarding careers available.

JS Medical Group owes its position in the pre-eminent Physician Recruitment business to a consulting and support team of exceptional skill and quality. Indeed, recruiting consultants for our own firm is the most difficult and critical assignment we encounter each year. We insist on recruiting talented people who have a high degree of motivation, who are eager and impatient to learn, who possess real drive and energy and who strive to work hard and play hard in an exhilarating and dynamic business environment.

Below, we have set out honestly and simply what we truly believe the world of recruitment is all about here at JS Medical Group. We hope this will help you to understand more about what recruitment entails and why joining jmsg is the most prudent career decision you could make.

What does a Recruitment Consultant do?
What will make You successful?
Who is JS Medical Group and what do they do?
Why is JS Medical Group different?
About our Specialties
Your Training
The Interview Process
Contact Us

What does a Recruitment Consultant do?

A recruitment consultant is the intermediary between organizations seeking to recruit professional staff (The Client) and professional staff (The Candidate) seeking a career move or contract assignment. However, this process has endless variations and complications depending on such factors as the skills and experience required, the environment and career development offered and just as importantly, the personality fit. It is the physician recruitment consultant's job to facilitate this exercise for both the employer and the job seeker and to satisfy both.

A fundamental part of this process is to obtain information by talking to, and meeting with, people:

You talk to and meet potential and existing clients to find out about their organization,, their culture, their current and future recruitment needs and to develop a loyal and powerful relationship with them so that they use JS Medical and not our competitors when they next recruit a professional. Since some clients are not aware of, or are even skeptical about the benefits of using JS Medical you also have to "sell" to them those benefits.

You talk to and meet job seekers to assess their skills and experiences, their career goals, and their suitability for different positions. The more information and therefore the more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you can make to bring your clients and candidates together in a successful match or placement. And while JS Medical has a fine name in the marketplace and provides considerable internal support, YOU will largely make it happen for yourself by being proactive, persistent and professional.

It is also a common view that we are in the "human resources" business but this is inaccurate. While "professional recruitment and selection" is a vitally important component of our clients' human resources function, for us recruitment is a "sales" business - we are "selling" our services to our clients and the only difference (albeit a significant one) between ours and other business services is that our "product" walks and talks and has an opinion about whether it wants to be sold. Physician recruitment in Michael Page International is a fast and frenetic environment - it is no place for you unless you can work at a brisk pace in a highly charged work environment and can cope with being constantly available and responsive to your clients and your candidates. You will also regularly experience the lows of rejection and disappointment as well as the highs of success.

What will make You successful?

Your attitude
Your attitude will make or break you. If you are positive, motivated, persistent and well organized you will succeed. It may take you a while but if you have these tools and you are an excellent listener, we will make every resource available to help you fulfill your potential.

Your Commitment
Commitment is the key to your success in our business. We are definitely not a 9 to 5 organization! You must be prepared to put in the hours consistently and make productive and creative use of your time. In return, we can promise you are rewarding, "work hard, play hard environment".

Your Level of Activity
Particularly in the early stages of your career at JS Medical your day is spent making telephone call after telephone call to reach prospective candidates and clients. This high level of activity has a direct correlation to your future success.

Your Teamwork
We rely on teamwork and so it is important that you thrive on working within a team towards a common goal, that you trust your team-mates and they can trust you.

Your Judgment
Recruitment requires sound judgment and keen insight in to human nature. You rely on your judgment when you make hundreds of decisions every week on business opportunities and situations. Other people rely on your judgment when you are recommending they meet a candidate or a client. Sound judgment will come from listening and learning as well as experience and plain common sense.

Who is JS Medical Group and what do they do?

JS Medical Group is a successful, stable and profitable recruitment company with a significant presence in the United States, Australia and New Zeland. Our philosophies and methodologies are consistent. Here in the United States, we have quickly earned an excellent reputation as a results oriented, no nononsense Physician recruitment firm and have built up a prestigious list of clients across Medical Surgical Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, Single and Multispecialty Groups, Private Practices, Specialty Hospitals and Clinics as well as Residency and Fellowship Training Programs.

JS Medical Group's global revenue,services and product lines continue to grow and expand. Established in 1987 in Washingon, D.C. by a young physician and entrepreneurial team the company has grown and developed. Due to our professionalism and focus on specialization we became market leaders in Physician recruitment and placement by the mid 1980's.

Why is JS Medical Group different?

There are three main differences:

1. Our People
We spend a significant amount of time during our interview process trying to get to know the real "you". Our interviewing process enables us to assess your ability to work in teams, which is integral to your success at JS Medical Group. Unlike most of our competitors, we DON'T pay you on commission. Our collaborative approach is unique in the recruiting industry and offers great benefits to you. All information regarding clients and candidates of individuals, thereby improving our individual and team results. Everyone works together as a team - NOT as a collection of individuals, thereby improving our individual and team results. Compared to the industry standards, we have a dramatically lower turnover of personnel because people feel comfortable within our environment, are well remunerated, and have access to new career challenges in the United States and overseas.

2. Our Specialization
We are great believers in specialization and focus because we recognize that by dedicating all our financial and human resources to a particular market niche and then working on being the best in that niche gives us a huge competitive advantage. This specialization is reflected through our specialist divisions.

3. Our Recruitment Methodology
Upon obtaining a thorough understanding of what our client's particular recruitment needs are, we put together a tailored recruitment solution, which may be a combination of searching our candidate database, advertising and/or targeted search/headhunting. We maintain an extensive database of candidates and we invest heavily in this database to ensure that you, as a consultant and therefore your clients, have access to the best candidates in the marketplace. We train you thoroughly to use this database effectively to beat our competitors on the quality of introduction and speed of service. Further we have a team of dedicated researchers to network across the marketplace in order to identifying the best candidates for even the most difficult searches.

About our specialties

Physician Recruitment. Our Physician Recruitment team focuses on the recruitment of residents, fellows and practicing physicians looking for either their first position post training or a new or different opportunity. You will have access to state of the art recruitment software and support services, an exhaustive database of Clients and Physicians looking for opportunities. Client focus ranges from Corporate Healthcare Systems, Medical and Surgical Hospitals, Group Practices and Academic Medical Centers. We have an equal mix of entry level, management and senior level positions for physicians. We are the leaders in providing expedient and ethical service levels to our distinguished roster of candidates and firm clientele.This structure places our group in the unique position of being able to effectively service our clients across all levels of experience.
In addition, we also provide a flexible staffing approach for clients who require professional level individuals on a temporary/consulting basis. Utilizing our vast network of contacts and connections, we are able to source and place individuals with great speed and efficiency.

Locum Tenens and Temporary Staffing. Before you overwhelm your current staff with an increased workload, contact JS Medical Group's Locum Tenens Division. The Temporay Staffing Division has helped all kinds of Medical Facilities, clinical practices and clinics balance workloads, current staff levels and budgetary constraints.

Our Locum Tenens and Temporary Staffing Practice provides the flexible workforce necessary to facilitate vacation and leave time, time off due to illness and personal matters, or simply demand and need for service.. In addition, we handle all human resources administration, such as payroll and benefits. Our Temporary Staffing Practice offers a truly integrated solution when Clients need to complete critical projects but cannot increase headcount. When the economy experiences an upturn, these organizations will have already assessed our professionals and will have the opportunity to retain them permanently."

Your training

Since the majority of our consultants do not have prior recruitment experience, we obviously train and develop you in the skills and techniques you need to be successful and continue with this training throughout your career. During your "apprenticeship" you will work closely with an experienced mentor who will guide you through the challenging early stages.

The interview process

We do have an exhaustive interview process that involves you talking to many different people within the company about yourself, your skills and experiences as well as your career and personal life. We may also ask you to take a psychometric assessment which assists us to determine your aptitude for the job.

Use your interviews to ask questions as well as answer them - it is your opportunity to understand as much as you can about our environment and opportunity and then to make an informed career choice.

Contact Us

If you think you possess what it takes to be a successful physician recruitment consultant at JS Medical Group and you possess extremely high standards for performance, please e-mail your resume as a Word document.

Send questions or comments to information@jsmg.com. Copyright © 2000 J.S. Medical Group. All rights reserved.