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Recruitment section - this section provides employers with information and tools to help meet their recruitment and staffing needs, now and in the future.


Physician Recruitment and Placement have undergone dramatic growth, particularly in Primary Care and the Specialties. There are hundreds of Physician Recruiters Out there that both Clients and Candidates do not know who to turn to for help for their staffing needs and finding a great position, largely driven by the internet revolution. The rate of expansion is constrained by availability of suitable skills and candidates, a maldistribution of Physicians with traditional recruitment approaches unable to meet demand.

For example, a recent report demonstrates that the supply of graduates emerging from Primary Care and Specialty Residency and Fellowship training programs is well below the levels required to satisfy demand. This has lead to significant job vacancies and compromised clinical programs, patient care, competitiveness, with wages spiralling as employers compete for existing candidates.

The Recruitment section of the JSMG web site will provide information to help employers meet their skill needs, now and in the future.


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